In lieu of E3 taking a year off, developers have elected to use ad-hoc gaming exhibits like the Summer Game Fest to show off their latest games.

The big headline announcement was a remaster of 'The Last Of Us' for the PS5, but with modern-day graphic technology being what it is, the graphical change was barely noticeable to the naked eye.

We got some news about the much-anticipated HBO adaptation of the TV series and got a quick look at the series, along with confirmation that the games' stars Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson will have a role in the show.

Naughty Dog also revealed that a multiplayer game set in the world of 'The Last Of Us' is heading our way, with the action taking place in New Orelans.

The original 'The Last Of Us' had a supremely underrated multiplayer mode, so the mode being fleshed out to a full game was a nice surprise.

Continuing on the horror bent, players got a first look at 'Aliens: Dark Descent'.

The game will be a top-down, squad-based affair, but considering the 'Aliens: Colonial Marines' disaster of 2013, forgive us if we're skeptical of a squad-based game based on 'Alien' that had a good trailer.

The game comes to us from French developers Tindalos Interactive who are best-known for their work on the 'Battlefleet Gothic: Armada' meaning they have chops in the sci-fi realm.

Players were also given a first look at a new third-person horror game titled 'Fort Solis', a sci-fi horror game set on Mars, with the game starring Troy Baker and 'Red Dead Redemption 2' star Roger Clark.

We also got a first gameplay look at 'The Castillo Protocol', the new horror game from the creator of 'Dead Space'.

The game looks incredibly gory and nasty, and with the game due for release in early December, the game is making a late dash to make sure the Christmas season this year is gore-filled.

Audiences got an extended look at a level from the upcoming 'Modern Warfare 2' reboot, with a night-time level encouraging stealthy gameplay.

The game looked suitably gritty and fitting with the classic 'Call Of Duty' formula of tough guys on tough missions.

Of course, playing 'Call Of Duty' for the single-player campaign is like going to a fast food restaurant and asking for a salad, so we'll reserve full judgment until we get our eyes on the multiplayer.

We also got a release date for Marvel's 'Midnight Suns', a new game coming to us from the developers of the 'XCOM' games.

The game has more in common with the 'Fire Emblem' series than the 'Avengers' films, however, with this being a tactical deck-building game.

Last night's conference confirmed that Spider-Man will be making an appearance in the game, but they were keen to stress this wasn't the same version of the character from the recent PlayStation games.

Overall, last night's Summer Game Fest showed off a decent haul of games that would have underwhelmed if they were announced at E3, but in the midst of a summer gaming drought we'll take whatever we can get.