The 'Modern Warfare' saga was rebooted in 2019 to great effect, and now it's 'Modern Warfare 2's turn to get the reboot treatment.

'Modern Warfare 2' is a reboot of the beloved 2009 game of the same name, and the single-player campaign promises to be every bit as explosive as the original campaign from back in the day.

The reveal trailer shows the return of Task Force 141 as they take part in missions across the Americas, Europe and Asia, and considering how the first game flirted with controversy for its depiction of Russian military action, which led to the game being banned outright in the country.

With war on people's minds lately, time will tell if this 'Call Of Duty' campaign is one that players remember and if the developers take advantage of this renewed interest.

If hands-on reports are to be believed, the single-player campaign will continue with the gritty, ripped-from-the-headlines approach of the 2019 reboot, and one level demoed by game journalists detailed a water-based stealth mission where players are limited to using just knives to take out their enemies.

Of course, a handful of people play 'Call Of Duty' solely for the campaign, and the multiplayer promises to be yet another extravaganza, with oodles of post-launch content.

The underrated Spec Ops mode is also making a return, but Activision have indicated they will be giving the multiplayer suite exhaustive support over a few years.

The incredibly popular 'Warzone' mode was borne out of the 2019 'Modern Warfare' reboot, and with a new console generation to take advantage of, expect the multiplayer mode to be more technically advanced and chaotic than ever.

IGN went hands-on with the game and detailed a new mode called Prisoner Rescue, that sounds like a mix between the classic 'Call Of Duty' formula mixed with 'Rainbow Six: Siege'.

A new mode called Knockout also sounds like great craic, where one player picks up a bag and must hold onto it while everyone else on the map is vying to get it off you.

Cruicially, Warzone will remain a separate experience and continue existing player progression as it has before.

Warzone has become an incredibly lucrative cash cow for Activision, and as such it will be given a substantial upgrade when the game launches.

Research from 2021 indicates that Warzone brings in $5 million dollars a day for Activision.

Players can get their hands on 'Modern Warfare 2' on October 28th for all the major consoles, and for PC players, the game will be available to buy on Steam.