As anyone who owns a PS4 will tell you that while the graphics are great and the reliability isn't an issue, the noise of the thing is almost unbearable.

Think Dr. Nick Riviera's Juice Loosener and you're somewhere on the right track to how a PS4 sounds when it plays something like 'No Man's Sky' or 'Red Dead Redemption 2'. Anyway, while the PS4 has gone through countless software updates, the issue of the noisy fan is still there and the PS4 Pro didn't do much to fix it either.

However, with the PS5 now announced and detailed by Sony in the past 24 hours, one bit of information that's been doing the rounds for some time now appears to have been confirmed. In August of this year, images leaked online of a devkit (that's the early prototype that's used to create software for the hardware) for the PS5 and showed off what appeared to be some kind of a new cooling system for it.

Specifically, the leaked images of the devkit showed off a number of fans and vents in a peculiar-looking V-shape and is understood to solve the noisy fan problem once and for all. Wired's report from yesterday that's done the rounds confirmed that the leaked images were real, and therefore, the cooling system appears to be the same. In fact, a patent was discovered around the same time as the leak that specifically referenced a new cooling system.

Of course, time will tell if it works or not and seeing as how the PS5 is slated for a late 2020 release, one can only imagine that the final tweaks and tests are being applied to it right now.