While the depth and longevity of 'Red Dead Redemption II' has yet to be fully quantified as the game hasn't yet been released, the size of the game file for installing it has been announced and it's pretty hefty.

According to Rockstar Intel via a promotional poster from US retailer Target, 'Red Dead Redemption II' will take up 105GB of space on your PlayStation 4 in order to install. While the file sizes may vary across different platforms, you can expect the Xbox One to have a similar enough size of file, and the same goes for PC as well.

On top of this, details of 'Red Dead Online' were also revealed; with support for up to 32 players in a single game - surpassing 'Grand Theft Auto Online' and its 30-player limit. The specifics of the online portion of 'Red Dead Redemption II' have not yet been fully revealed, but it's likely to follow a similar vein to the heists and raids from 'Grand Theft Auto Online'.

It's also been confirmed that 'Red Dead Redemption II' will also be fully playable in first-person mode and with the public beta for the online mode scheduled for November and the release date set for October 26th, you won't have too much longer to wait.

For now, here's the incredible trailer.