Having covered the last major update, 'Next', and the one before that, 'Foundation', the next major update for 'No Man's Sky: Beyond' looks to be even bigger.

The new trailer, which launched online yesterday, gives you a taste of what to expect and the full details have now made their way online from various outlets getting a hands-on with the free update. Undoubtedly, the biggest addition with 'Beyond' is the inclusion of Nexus, which is basically like a multiplayer hub or lobby in the game that looks like some kind of neon sci-fi nightclub.

Up until now, missions in 'No Man's Sky' were restricted to just four players, but with 'Beyond', up to 32 players can take on a mission together. On top of that, players can now interact with one another's bases and ships, as well as see their armour as well.

On the outside, Nexus looks like a giant orb in space, and can be summoned anywhere in space meaning players can join a multiplayer session with the same ease as any other game. Considering how 'No Man's Sky' was originally a single-player experience, it's now done a complete 180 on the premise.

According to Hello Games' Sean Murray, the missions available to players through Nexus are as varied as you'd expect. Some include players joining up together to hunt pirates across a system, while others will see them on archaeological digs looking for rare items - all of which can hold up to 32 players at any given time.

Another major update in 'Beyond' is players being able to tame and mount creatures they find on planets, all of which are procedurally generated. This means that after you feed an animal, you'll be able to use them as transport across that planet instead of having to create a base and transport as before.

As well as minor updates and improvements (such as being able to sit on chairs, which was a major request from players), there's one huge part of 'Beyond' that's going to be really something - the game is fully playable in VR. As with most games, VR is either limited to a single mission or level - or the VR game itself is quite limited. With VR support, you can now play a full game of 'No Man's Sky' and see it all like you're actually in it.

'No Man's Sky: Beyond' launches on August 14th and is available for free.