Undoubtedly, Sean Murray, Hello Games, and No Man's Sky will go down in history as one of the most controversial gaming debuts.

The sheer gap from what was promised through regular updates via social media and trailers - and what players eventually ended up playing - was pretty staggering, to say the least. In fact, the backlash against Hello Games and No Man's Sky was so potent that the UK's Advertising Standards Authority launched an investigation into complaints from players over promotional material and the finished product.

Since the launch, Hello Games went quiet and fell off the grid as the backlash continued - until now, that is.

Today marked the launch of the so-called Foundation Update, which makes some sweeping changes to the game. As well as adding various graphic updates, motion blurs and the like, the biggest addition is the ability to build bases on planets using materials and resources taken from other planets. More pointedly, there will now be planets and moons in No Man's Sky that will be completely devoid of life where players can build bases on them, if they so wish.

Better still is the addition of hugely expensive freighters, which can transport your ships all over the universe as well as your gathered resources for trading in other systems. All told, we counted well over a hundred specific additions, changes and updates to the game - all of which are free to players who have already purchased the game.

Here's the list in full.

So, the question is, will players be tempted to return to No Man's Sky after all this time and all this disappointment? Sound off in the comments and let us know!


Via Hello Games