Let's put that figure into perspective real quick.

The RRP for No Man's Sky, upon release, would be in and around €70. This guy paid $2,000 - which, based on current exchange rates, is €1,800 in our money. He could have bought No Man's Sky a total of twenty five times. In fact, he could have bought a PlayStation 4, a decent TV, a controller and a copy of the game with that money.

Not only that, No Man's Sky is going to be out in two weeks time. Two weeks. He paid $2,000 to play it before you and me. Unbelievable. The game, which was up for sale on eBay, was auctioned off late last night and sold to an undisclosed buyer.

Here's a screenshot of the listing, just in case you don't believe us. The real question, of course, is how the seller got his hands on the game before anyone else and why exactly he felt the need to sell it?

These are all valid questions.

In the meantime, let's look at the trailer for No Man's Sky and think about a world where someone would pay $2,000 to play this before anyone else.