The rush to adapt hit video games into films is continuing, but progress on the 'Metal Gear Solid' movie is frustratingly slow.

Oscar Isaac was announced as the star of the film in late 2020, but the project has been on the back burner since then, and the star offered a small update about the progress of the film.

"We want it to happen," Isaac told Comic Book. "Be excited. What's the script? What's the story? What's the take? But we are hopeful that it comes to fruition because there's so much potential for that."

"It's an incredible game. It's my favourite," he added.

Adapting Hideo Kojima's beloved game to the silver screen is easier said then done, with an incredible amount of plot and detail in the world of 'Metal Gear Solid', and there's no indication if the film version would be a straight-up adaptation of the 1998 classic, or if it took influence form other games in the series.

Isaac joined the project in late 2020 with 'Kong: Skull Island' director Jordan Vogt-Roberts in the director's chair and 'Jurassic World' screenwriter Derek Connolly tapped to write the script.

Films based on video games have become a major boon in Hollywood thanks to the success of 'Uncharted' and the 'Sonic' movies, and HBO's adaptation of 'The Last Of Us' is reported to be the channel's most expensive series ever.

As for Isaac, the star has a full slate of projects, with the actor lending his voice to the upcoming 'Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse', and starring as Francis Ford Coppola in a film about the making of 'The Godfather'.