Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey lead a storyline that'll be set in a wartorn America that's become overrun with all types of flesh-eating zombies.

The post-apocalypse never looked so... highly-anticipated? The top-rated Playstation video game series has a live-action adaptation on the way, and we have finally been gifted with the first trailer of 'The Last of Us'.

The HBO creation, which will be available via Sky Atlantic and NOW over here, sees Joel ('The Mandalorian' star Pedro Pascal) and Ellie ('Game of Thrones' star Bella Ramsey) team up together in order to get the 14-year-old out of harm's way in an oppressed quarantined zone.

Taking place 20 years after the fall of modern civilisation, the hardened survivor and his new pal will travel the US on a brutal and fairly heartbreaking journey together, with each of them relying on the other for survival as they dodge all sorts of untrustworthy people and horrifying zombies.

But what are these zombies, eh? Well, people who get infected by a weird and contagious fungus end up turning into different levels of monsters - from "Runners" to "Stalkers" to the more difficult "Clickers" (the one you can see in the trailer below). These ones have some mushroom-type growths coming out of their faces, and as well as not looking the prettiest, they also love chowing down on human flesh. Tasty.

The supporting cast of the series includes Nick Offerman ('Parks and Recreation'), Gabriel Luna ('Agents of SHIELD'), Murray Bartlett ('The White Lotus'), Anna Torv ('Mindhunter'), Merle Dandridge (''The Flight Attendant') and Jeffrey Pierce (who actually voice a character named Tommy in 'The Last of Us: Part II' video game). The video game's original voice actors of Joel and Ellie, Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson, will also appear in the show in undisclosed roles.

Here's the trailer for you, which was released on a day called "Outbreak Day" (September 26) within 'The Last of Us' community of gamers.

No official release date has been given yet, but we'll be able to watch 'The Last of Us' on Sky Atlantic and NOW in 2023.