Although historically videogame adaptations have been absolutely crap, recent years have proven that they can actually be done quite well.

'Sonic the Hedgehog' and 'Pokemon Detective Pikachu' were both critically and commercially successful, and while they're both the exceptions rather than the rule, it's obviously given some studios encouragement to move forward with some projects.

One of the most interesting ideas that's been floating for a few years now is a live-action adaptation of 'Metal Gear Solid'. Jordan Vogt-Roberts, who directed 'Kong: Skull Island', has been tinkering away for some years now, talking about whenever he's in front of a microphone and regularly posting concept art on his social media.

However, yesterday saw Deadline report that none other than Oscar Isaac is set to play Solid Snake in Vogt-Roberts' live-action adaptation. Believe it or not, this isn't the first time Isaac and Snake have been associated in the role.

During press for the Netflix movie 'Triple Frontier', Isaac made it quite clear he absolutely wanted the role and was "putting (himself) forward" for it if it were ever to be made.

Details are light on what exactly the movie will be about, seeing as how deep (like, insanely deep) the story that the gaming franchise is based on. The game was originally released in 1998, however the character of Solid Snake traces its roots all the way back to 1987 when the very first game - simply titled 'Metal Gear' - was released for the MSX and subsequently ported to the NES.

Interestingly enough, the box art for 'Metal Gear' featured a then-prominent actor - Michael Biehn, from 'Terminator' - in what would now likely result in all sorts of lawsuits.

As for the live-action 'Metal Gear Solid', it's understood that a script has already been written and the likelihood is that with Isaac attached to this, it will enter production pretty soon. The only question, are we going to crazy moments like this in it?