'Returnal' was the big winner of this year's BAFTA Games Awards, taking home Best Game against some stiff competition.

The PlayStation 5 exclusive from Finnish developers Housemarque won the big prize on the night, along with awards in Performer In A Leading Role for Jane Perry's performance as protagonist Celeste, as well as wins in the Music and Audio Achievement categories.

Perry gave a stirring speech and the actress thanked BAFTA for "recognising the artistry and the incredible talent in the games industry".

She also thanked the game's makers for "bringing to life - and several deaths - the person who became Selene".

Perry said "performers dream of having a role like that to sink our teeth into. She is a middle-aged woman, she's a single mom and she is courageous and strong. And despite her considerable loss and trauma, she never gives up."

"She hopes for a better future and I think given the very serious state of the world right now that we can all take inspiration from Selene."

'Returnal' won four of the nine awards it was nominated for

Sony had a good night overall, with 'Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart' scooping 2 awards for Animation and Technical Achievement.

'It Takes Two' was a strong favourite heading into the evening, tied with 9 nominations with 'Returnal', but won 2 awards for its efforts.

Despite winning Game Of The Year at December's The Game Awards, the multiplayer game could only secure wins in the Multiplayer and Best Orginal Property categories.

Hazelight Studios' Swedish founder Josef Fares accepted the awards for the game, saying "This is a surprise. We're super happy and proud," after winning the Best Original Property gong.

When the game won the Multiplayer award he joked "this one was expected, actually."

'It Takes Two' creators Josef Fares (left) and Oskar Wolontis won two BAFTAS

The gong for British Game went to 'Forza Horizon 5', while 'No Man's Sky' completed its redemption arc by winning the Evolving Game award.

This year's ceremony was the first in-person ceremony since 2019, and all games nominated last night were developed or shipped during the pandemic.

Accepting the award for 'Forza Horizon 5', studio head Trevor Williams said "I'm really honoured and proud. It wasn't the easiest game to finish, I'll be honest."

"We shipped it in the middle of the pandemic and it was just truly inspiring working with a team that not only tried to ship the game but at every turn tried to ship the best game that they could. You truly are masters of your craft."

'Forza Horizon 5' scooped Best British Game

Indie title 'Unpacking' picked up 2 awards, most notably the EE Game Of The Year which is voted on by the public.

'Unpacking' was inspired by Wren Brier and partner and co-creator Tim Dawson moving in together.

"It's incredible to have our little weird game recognised," Brier said when accepting the narrative award.

"We're not telling a complicated story in Unpacking but the way we tell it is different, and it's nice to see that that's appreciated and resonates with people."

The pair were humble when the game picked up the EE Game Of The Year award, with Brier saying "Wow. We really, really didn't expect this one. Like, there was no chance."

'Unpacking' saw off titles like 'Metroid Dread', 'Deathloop', 'It Takes Two', 'The Forgotten City' to win the award.

The BAFTA Games Awards have been running since 2004, with 'Grand Theft Auto: Vice City' the big winner on that night, scooping 6 of it's 8 nominations.

Gaming has become a billion-euro industry in the UK, with recent data showing that sales of games alone have generated more than €15 billion in revenue since sales started being tracked in 1995.