As far as music videos of the '80s go, Kate Bush's infamous "red dress" music video for 'Wuthering Heights' is up there with the likes of Rick Astley's 'Never Gonna Give You Up'.

Maybe it's the eye-catching red dress itself, or maybe it's the weird and wonderful dance moves, but the fact is that the two mediums - the music video and the song - are inextricably linked with one another.

Of course, St. Anne's Park in Raheny is nowhere near the wiley, windy moors of Emily Bronte's novel, but it IS where the 'The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever' is taking place. Like previous performances, it's basically a bunch of people - with the help of a few instructors and some red dresses - recreating the music video.

As ever, 'The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever' will raise money for Women's Aid and the whole thing kicks off today, July 13th, at 1PM in St. Anne's Park. You can pick up tickets here, and if you've got a red dress and you're looking to get into someone's window, give it a go.

Here's an idea of what to expect.