Huge crowds of women, men and children gathered in London, Berlin, Madison, and Australia last Saturday to celebrate "The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever."

The event celebrated the song ‘Wuthering Heights’ by artist Kate Bush, released in 1978.

Two versions of the music video for the song exist, one of which sees the singer wear a white billowing dress.

In the second, she is donned in red as she walks through a forest to recreate the Moorish quality of Emily Bronte’s iconic novel.


The latter has become the most beloved and, as you can see in the pictures and videos below, provides a striking palette that re-enactment suits splendidly.

The event was inspired by the inaugural 2013 gathering when around 300 people danced to the song in Brighton in the UK.

See pictures from the event and a video of the celebration in Australia below:






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