First things first: this is not a rick-roll. We swear.

Rick Astley played a set at UK music festival Camp Bestival over the weekend - nothing particularly strange there. However, some people in the audience spotted a familiar face behind the drumkit.

If you were to spend all day guessing who it was, you still probably wouldn't have come up with the name 'Mary Berry'. Yes, that Mary Berry, formerly of 'Great British Bake-Off' fame.

It seems that Astley bumped into the 83-year-old Berry backstage, was spotted showing her the drums during his soundcheck, and sure enough, she made an appearance on a different set of pots and pans than she's used to (badum tish!) during his set - presumably leaving many audience members rubbing their eyes in confusion and wondering if their artisan cider had been spiked.

Alright, so the verdict is more 'soggy bottom' than 'best bake', but still, this is unbearably cute.