The Táin March is a family-friendly celebration of the Táin Bó Cuailgne, (Cattle Raid of Cooley) and its heroes and anti-heroes. There is fun, music, games, battles and diversions with something for all the family. This year, the main events centre around Ardee, Dundalk and Carlingford across 3 days on 7th to 9th June. Come and join the fun and meet Cuchulainn, Maeve, Ferdia and all the other characters of Ireland’s greatest saga.

Ardee, Friday 7th June, Evening
Ardee hosts the first evening's festivities this year with entertainment and re-enactments on the Square in Ardee. There will be Ferdia Friday specials in shops and businesses in the town throughout the day. 7.00 pm Cuchulainn and Ferdia will do battle at Market Square. Afterwards, Ferdia will be carried through town to Ardee Castle where there will be a talk and presentation by Paul Gosling on "Where exactly was Ath Fer Diad?", followed by refreshments in the Ferdia Arms.

Dundalk, Saturday 8th June, Afternoon and Evening
The afternoon in Dundalk kicks off before the marchers even arrive with a free showing of family movie "Brave" on the big screen in the Square, starting at 12 Noon. The Marchers are assembling at Oriel Park on the Ardee Road at 1.30 and marching into the town centre accompanied by drummers and warriors. A Táin re-enactment will take place on the Market Square, followed by a unique opportunity to attend the first ever gig by Oirialla, a new group made up of Gerry O'Connor, Giles le Bigot, Nuala Kennedy and Martin Quinn. When the Táin marchers depart for Carlingford, The Film Brave will be shown again, followed by music from the group Glasheen on the big stage. Between 7pm and 9pm there is a showcase gig for young local bands on the big stage. Be sure to check out the emerging talent.

Carlingford, Sunday 9th June
Afternoon and evening. Great celebrations will greet the marchers when they arrive over the mountains to Carlingford on Sunday afternoon at around 3.30 pm. The Táin Feast on the Square will kick off an evening of music, celebration and re-enactments of elements of the Táin legend. Carlingford is the place to be on Sunday evening Nathan Carter plays an outdoor gig on the Market Square in Dundalk on Sunday afternoon as part of the Táin Summer Festival.