Prepare to salivate because this week it’s all about food festivals. From Galway to Cork, Monaghan to Waterford, we've rounded up the tastiest food festivals coming up in September.

Westport Food Festival: 6th - 8th September 2013
The Westport Food Festival is an annual three day event held during September. The festival incorporates day and evening events in and around Westport Town, Murrisk and the Quays, with activities to suit all ages and food interests. It features dining events, a food village, wine tastings, cooking for kids, bilingual demos, a dessert making competition, treasure trail, cookery workshops, seafood foraging, mushroom foraging, tasting menus, cookery demonstrations with local chefs, special festival menus and a business day-long forum called ‘Recipes for Success’. Read more.

A Taste Of West Cork: 6th - 15th September 2013
A Taste of West Cork Food Festival is much more than a festival which happens to be about food. It showcases the wonderful food and food creators of this very special place. It brings together a unique mix of food markets and cooking demonstrations, food tasting and cookery competitions, special dinners, brunches and banquets, talks and exhibits, children's events, adventures and more. Read more.

Clarenbridge Oyster Festival/Clarenbridge Gathering: 7th - 5th September 2013
Clarenbridge Village nestles on the banks of the Clarin River at the mouth of Dunbulcan Bay, enriching tides flow through the estuary and under the arches of the old stone bridge from which the village takes its name. Read more.

Waterford Harvest Food Festival: 9th - 15th September 2013
Waterford City is at the heart and soul of great Irish food and never more so than in September 2013 when the annual Harvest Festival celebrations take place. This family friendly food festival offers the perfect opportunity to discover and enjoy the story of real Irish food. Read more.

Slow Food Apple and Craft Cider Festival: 20th - 22nd September 2013
The Slow Food Apple & Craft Cider Festival is a celebration of Irish apples and their importance to the culture and history of South Tipperary. This family friendly festival will feature lots of events for old and young, with great fun activities for children. There will be a juice bar and family barbecues, spit-roasts and tapíní (that's tapas Irish style!), with smaller, affordable portions of food so that you can try it all. Read more.

Galway International Oyster and Seafood Festival: 26th - 29th September 2013
Galway City, on the West Coast of Ireland, will come alive with seafood and oysters as it celebrates the Galway International Oyster and Seafood Festival. It is Ireland's most internationally recognised food festival and the world's oldest recorded oyster festival. Read more.