At a time when the professional wrestling business was red hot Diamond Dallas Page was one of the hottest stars in the business. During television’s infamous Monday Night War between the WWF and WCW he was at the forefront every single week for WCW. Fiery and empassioned on the microphone, dynamic and energetic in the ring, DDP tore the house down night in and night out with some of the biggest names to ever set foot in the squared circle. Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, Randy Savage and many more fell to Diamond Dallas Page, more often than not thanks to his insanely popular ‘Diamond Cutter’ finishing manoever.

Now this truly fascinating individual is visiting the UK with his first ever live Q&A tour. In DDP will take questions from audiences all across the country in a completely unscripted and uncensored environment. A chance for fans of all ages to ask about his time in WCW & WWE, the legends he’s worked with, his time before wrestling and his amazing journey since including the invention of DDP Yoga and his most recent wotk with Jake Roberts & Scott Hall.

There will also be VIP tickets available giving fans an opportunity to meet DDP, get his autograph and have a photo taken with him. Never afraid to speak his mind, not one to hold back… This is sure to be a memorable occasion for everyone in attendance.