We got our hands on the latest game in the 'Watch Dogs' series, check out our video review above.

'Watch Dogs: Legion' puts us back in control of the secret hacker activist collective called DedSec. The private military company Albion has turned London into a police state, and you're going to have to organise the resistance to rise up against them. To do this you need to recruit people! Who, you ask? Just about anyone.

>Every single person in the game has their own traits and abilities, and you can control them all. Whether that's a getaway driver, a hacker, a football hooligan, an anarchist, a spy, an old lady, a construction worker... you get the idea.

'Watch Dogs Legion' is out now on Playstation 4, XBOX One and PC - with a release later this month once the Xbox Series X and PS5 come out.

Interested in winning a copy of the game, along with an Xbox One and tickets to Stormzy at the 3arena? We've got just the competition for you.

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