Given how Weezer covered Toto's most recognisable songs, Africa (not their greatest song, that's Rosanna), it was only a matter of time before Toto responded with something.

So it goes that the legendary rock group have now covered one of Weezer's most recognisable songs, Hash Pipe (not their greatest song, that's either Buddy Holly or Island In The Sun). The cover has now been added to Toto's live setlist and, by all accounts, "the irony that we were smoking hash before these guys were alive was not lost on us," according to Toto guitarist Steve Lukather.

The song's now available on all streaming platforms and taken from this live performance.

Weezer, meanwhile, are continuing to blast out 'Africa' in the middle of their live sets, and at one concert, even brought out 'Weird' Al Yankovic out for an accordion solo. All this started with a Twitter campaign, folks. Now look at it.