And it was all going so well. Well, sort of.

For a while there, it looked like Kanye West was back with a bang - announcing the release of two new albums in June, tweeting out somewhat bizarre (if innocuous) philosophical ramblings and generally seeming like his old, pre-breakdown self.

However, it seems that those who were concerned for his well-being may have been right following his latest tweets, which saw him double-down on his support of Donald Trump and proving that his visit to Trump Tower in 2016 was not a publicity stunt.


Of course, Trump was loving this ego boost:

Amidst his rambling tweets about 'love', how big his Yeezy company was going to be and his desire to meet with Apple's Tim Cook, West then went on criticise Obama, who no doubt delighted Trump even more...

... Before referring to Cook and the POTUS as 'two of my favourite people':

It's all very strange.