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Hawkeye 12+

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Season: 1

Episode: 4

Actors: Jeremy Renner, Hailee Steinfeld, Florence Pugh

Release Date: Wednesday 8th December 2021

Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Comedy

Running time: 43 minutes

Picking up from last week's episode, this week's episode feels just a little bit uneven compared to previous episodes thus far.

It's not that it's gone completely off the rails - far from it - but there's a tense scene that sticks out with Clint revealing how he met Natasha / Black Widow to Kate. Right away, it just sits uncomfortably inside of the rest of the episode. Indeed, you could argue it sticks out across the whole series thus far.

It's not that Jeremy Renner isn't able to do weighty scenes, or Hailee Steinfeld for that matter. Both are more than capable actors, and you only need to look at 'The Hurt Locker' or 'True Grit' to know that. No, it probably speaks more to director Bert and Bernie not having a firm grip on these kinds of moments. Still, it's a small gripe in an otherwise perfectly blended episode. In fact, this episode possibly ranks as having some of the best pointless dialogue in the series, with Kate and Clint debating the merits and potential pitfalls of having boomerang arrows being a particular highlight. Another highlight has got to be the embroidered gym bag and that whole scenario. Fully expect to see said embroidered gym bag used to cover a bomb or something in the next episode.

Another great little moment is Kate Bishop talking to the old man in the elevator, mistakenly addressing him and then getting all excited that she's talking to an Avenger in her ear. That kind of enthusiasm, mixed with some great comic timing from Steinfeld and her chemistry with Renner, is what makes 'Hawkeye' really sing. Yes, you can have the serious and dour moments, but having a bright and bubbly sidekick freak out in an elevator with some civilian because she's on a mission is always more enjoyable to watch than some flat monologue about loss and guilt. Even the way she immediately introduces herself to the cosplayers as Clint Barton's best friend / partner is just another example of the series thus far utilising every aspect of their dynamic in the best way.

Let's talk about the big cameo mentioned in the headline and the takeaway from this week. If you stayed in your seats during 'Black Widow', chances are you'll have seen this coming and the return of Florence Pugh to the Marvel Cinematic Universe was all but expected. For those that didn't, what essentially happened was Yelena - Natasha's adoptive sister - was recruited by Valentina de Fontaine (played by Julia Louis-Dreyfuss, no less) and sent after Clint, with Valentina telling her that he was responsible for Natasha's death. It's not yet clear if Florence Pugh is merely dropping in for just this scene, or if she's going to be a continuing presence in the show. It's more likely that she'll pop in and out for the two remaining episodes, as there's enough to wrap up as it is without throwing this into the mix. Still, it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world as Florence Pugh really does have some strong comedic chops in her arsenal, so throwing her into this could definitely work out.

Either way, it's another bullseye episode for 'Hawkeye' this week. Let's hope they can stay on target for the rest of the series. Yes, that's two archery-related puns in one paragraph.

Final Thoughts

  • Severe lack of Pizza Dog in this week's episode, writers please rectify.
  • The LARPers are going to make a comic-accurate suit for Clint and it's going to be great
  • Kate Bishop walking around with a full quiver and an bow is reminiscent of Nicolas Cage in 'The Weather Man', an overlooked dramedy from the mid-aughts
  • 'Avengers-Level Threat' is going to be the go-to word for big explosions in the MCU from now on, isn't it?
  • Kazi (played by our own Fra Fee) asking for his gun back was another cracking comedy moment