Unfortunately there's no poolhouse though, so don't go adopting any ragamuffin teens.

Superfans of 'The O.C.' with a cool €5.5 million in the bank could make their dreams come true with the news that the house that served as the exterior for the Cohen family is now on the market for $6.25 million.

Yes, you too can live out your California dreams in a McMansion once trotted around outside of by Seth and Ryan if you can pony up the dough to buy the 6,376-square-foot six-bed, seven-bathroom home, which comes with a "library, sunroom, and home office, plus a beautiful formal dining area."

Now none of it will look like the house from the show on the inside, but this place is still pretty swish (if it is minus a poolhouse). One slight geographical problem however is that the house itself isn't actually in Orange County, but is quite a bit further away than one would hope from the prestigious area and is actually in Malibu (which would force you to rename your new life 'The L.A.').


Sing it with us now, "Californiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, Californiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, here we COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOME..."

Via Forbes