Molly Mae and Tommy are undoubtedly the favourites to take home the 'Love Island trophy' tonight.

However it turns out there was a behind the scenes incident involving Molly Mae and former contestant Yewande which the latter got in trouble over.

In a scene that didn't air on TV, Molly-Mae asked Yewande about what she'd do to Arabella following their dilemma over Danny.

As fans of 'Love Island' will recall, Yewande was in a love triangle with Danny and Arabella. In the end, Danny chose Arabella, which eliminated Yewande from the show.

She explained: "Molly asked me what I'd do to Arabella or why I was so angry and then I choked Molly and said that I would do that to Arabella. That wasn't very nice." She told CloserOnline she was told off by the show's producers after the incident.

Arabella was dumped from the island later. Danny then coupled up with Jourdan.

Former Islander Sherif was booted from the villa early on because he had 'playfully kicked Molly-Mae in the vagina'. He also used the 'c-word'.

Yewande also explained that the show's producers did not get involved with the what happened inside the villa. However she did say they would sometimes egg the contestants on.

She added: 'If I was having a conversation with Amber saying how upset I was about a certain situation or about a certain person, and they might just be like, ''Well if you feel that way wouldn't you have a conversation with that certain person?'''

The final episode of 'Love Island' takes place tonight in a feature-length episode. You can watch it on Virgin Media Two at 9pm.