Before he was the stealth pirate king of Westeros and dressed like a steampunk character, Euron Greyjoy from 'Game of Thrones' was once the host of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Pilou Asbaek, the actor who plays good 'ol Euron, was drafted in to act as MC for the camp celebration just five years ago in his native Denmark. Asbaek, then a relative unknown outside of Europe and primarily known for his role in 'Borgen', hosted alongside Danish broadcasters Nikolaj Koppel and Lise Rønne.

As far as hosting duties went, Asbaek made a decent fist of it but the whole thing went largely unnoticed that year as Conchita Wurst was the star of the night and eventually took home the title of winner that year.

Needless to say, people only clocked it was Greyjoy during a tweet from BBC's official account that highlighted some of Graham Norton's sassiest moments as commentator.

Here's the big number of the night, with Euron Greyjoy laughing and singing his way through a musical number about China and the number 12. Was this better than his final scene in the eighth season of 'Game of Thrones'?

Yes, absolutely.