For people of a certain generation, 'The Wombles' will forever be associated with a simpler childhood when stop-motion animation was still in its infancy and there was no such thing as the internet or Disney+.

The children's TV series, based on a series of novels from the late 1960s, was first televised from 1973 to 1975 and followed the adventures of a group of furry rodent-like creatures who lived beneath Wimbledon Common in London and recycle human rubbish.

The two series have aired repeatedly over the decades and there was even a new series created in the late 1990s when a Canadian animation company acquired the rights.

Now, a remake of the classic series is in the works by British company Altitude Television, with 'How to Train Your Dragon' writer Will Davies on board the project.

There is no word on whether the stop-motion element of the original series will be retained, or how the remake might look - but watch this space for more.