Were you watching EastEnders last night? It was HARD GOING. And yes of course the soap is always pretty dreary storyline wise, but watching the Beale family react to Lucy's death was just heartbreaking. Peter's roars at the end? God bless us, gut wrenching stuff altogether.

The writers said that this will be some of the most emotional episodes they have ever done on the soap, and so far, yep, we would agree, not a dry eye in the house last night! While they have dealt with many the murder/whodunnit plot in the past, it was always the quintessential bad guy who came to a grizzly end. Archie Mitchell, Michael Moon... it seemed they were always destined for a short soap shelf life.

This time it's different though. EastEnders is trying to show how a family cope in the aftermath of a sudden death, which they have touched on before with Carol's son a few years ago, who died after alcohol poisoning. This death however, is set to send shockwaves through the Square, changing the soap and many of its characters forever.

Okay, so I'll stop with the dramatic doom and gloom now, it was sad okay! But yes it's not real so hows about we try work out who's gone and done it then? The writers in fairness are really throwing us for a loop here, with virtually every character now a suspect. So we've donned our best Sherlock hats and have come up with a list of five possible culprits that Rust Cohle himself would be proud of.

1. Jake Stone

First up has to be Jake. This fella seems to be just hanging around at the moment with no particular purpose, for a while there we even thought he was seeing Lucy, but that turned out to be Max. When Ian went to visit him the morning after to organise a dinner at the restaurant, Jake was looking shiiiffftyy. The bloke genuinely seemed frazzled, even later on in the episode too. So what would his motive be? He's seemed to be after Lucy for a while, spying on her and Lee in the restaurant and what not, there is something very creepy there. BUT, pretty confident this is just the writers messing with us. Yes, he's an obvious suspect considering his behaviour, but surely they wouldn't make it THAT obvious?

2. Lee Carter

Lee has just recently arrived to the soap after returning from Afghansitan where he saw unspeakable horrors. It really seemed like him and Lucy were falling for each other though, so it's hard to imagine why he would want to hurt her. UNLESS, he went into some sort of post traumatic stress blackout, and that's how it happened? It's a possibility.

3. Abigail Branning


Sweet as pie Abi, she surely wouldnt have done it, right? Well, she also appeared a little on edge the next day. Remember how tetchy she was about that antacid with Jay in the shop? Very sketchy altogether. What would her motive be? Well, Lucy was sleeping with her dad, and somebody was threatening Max with pictures of him and Lucy, did she finally crack with all of her dad's deception over the years and lash out? Which brings us to suspect number four...

4. Max Branning

As we said, Lucy and Max were sleeping together in the weeks previous. Maybe Lucy had said she was going to tell Lauren? Yes, unlikely considering she was her best friend, but Max just can't not be a suspect considering all that's gone on. And let's face it, he always looks guilty of something.

5. The chair in Max Branning's office


That chair has been looking dodgy for YEARS now. Ah no really though, Lucy did trip over it just a few short days before she died of head injuries. Is an inanimate object the real villain of the piece? It was in a fight with Max she accidentally fell though, so this would bring him back into the equation now too. Maybe he conspired with the chair? What? It's possible.


So there's our top five suspects, but let's be honest, there's a good chance the murderer isn't even on that list, and there are so many we haven't even mentioned. Whitney was pretty pissed off with Lucy about the Lee thing too, but we don't think the writers would bother putting it on her. Denise has certainly seemed distant, but we don't think she has it in her either. Just who was supplying Lucy with the drugs in the first place? And has ANYBODY seen Dot?

So many questions. And guess when we will find out? Not until NEXT YEAR people. That's right, the show is not going to uncover who the murderer is until their 30th anniversary episode in February, 2015. Sweet Jaysus, there's dragging it out and there's this.

Just as long as they don't do an Amber on it anyways, we can't go through that again.