The final of 'Love Island' is just around the corner so we ask the question that's on everyone's mind. Which couple do you want to win and take home that £50,000 prize?

The winners will be announced in the 'Love Island' final tonight. (In fact, we're hosting a screening of the finale in Odeon cinemas, the details for which are here)

But which couple is the likeliest to win?

Tommy and Molly-Mae have been the favourites for weeks now. They're boyfriend and girlfriend so in relationship status area, they're miles ahead. Some have accused Molly-Mae of being fake in her relationship. But are those criticisms enough to take the prize from their hands?

Then there's our local legend Maura and Curtis, who folks have warmed up to even after Curtis broke Amy's heart. There are folks still who think they're not really compatible, which will work against them when it comes to final decisions.

Ovie and India are totally there off the back of Ovie's popularity. He has just proven himself a gent time and again on 'Love Island'. You feel happy that he's found someone in India, but can you call it love?

Then we come to Amber and Greg with the latter also flying the Irish flag. Amber has been through a lot with all the Michael drama but she finally seems truly happy with Greg. She's grown much through the series, but how important is character development to the 'Love Island' audience?

Speaking of whom, we now leave it up to you guys - which couple do you want to win 'Love Island'?