Amber and Greg may be the current favourites to take the 'Love Island' title on Monday, but Ovie cannot be ruled out, as we found out last night.

After having a rocky start to his time in the villa thanks to being plucked from Casa Amor and then dumped not long after by Anna, he seems to have finally found happiness with India.

The 6'7" basketball player already had the UK and Irish telly-watching public in his corner, but his comments about Amber last night sealed the deal.

On his romantic date with India, he confessed that he had resigned himself to being the guy that was 'Amber's guardian angel' during his time on 'Love Island'. Although everyone was rooting for him to couple up with Amber, it seems the pair have instead struck up a firm friendship.

His comments made viewers swoon hard... and we're presuming Liam Gallagher was among them.