If Michael has painted himself as the villain of this year's 'Love Island' over the past few days, another man has emerged as the hero.

Let's be honest - we all knew that Ovie was a good guy from the way he handled the whole Anna situation. She brought him back from Casa Amor and then unceremoniously dumped him when she realised that she wanted to get back with Jordan. Although he wasn't happy about it, he remained dignified and didn't make things weird or awkward. In fact, he's generally been a very chilled, funny and calming presence in the villa.

And although it seems that he and Amber are determined not to get romantically involved, last night showed just how much of a gent he really is. The way that he comforted her as a friend, and later calmly spoke to Michael about his shoddy treatment of her has won him a LOT of new fans.

He even went on a date with new bombshell Harley last night, but people were having none of it.

Look, just give him the €50k and be done. He can stay coupled up with Amber if he wants to. Anyone except Tommy and Molly.