It's official - there'll be a recoupling on 'Love Island' tonight. As a result, one of the boys will be left without a girl and be forced to leave the villa.

We're only four days into the reality series and there has already been loads of drama on 'Love Island'.

Loyalties have been tested and people are scrambling over one another vying for attention and 'love'.

We've come a long way from the first couples that were established on Day 1. Let's get a look in on the status of the boys right now and how safe each of them are.



Unless Curtis manages to step on Amy's toes tonight - and he is a professional dancer after all - you can be pretty sure she's saving him in the recoupling tonight. The two have been seen snuggling up and kissing so they're pretty loved up.



Michael has been coupled up with Yewande since day 1 of 'Love Island.' The pair haven't been getting a lot of screen time so one can probably assume that there's no spark. Still, Yewande hasn't been seen getting it on with anyone else so she'll probably save him regardless.



Unless Callum has a go at another girl - possibly new contestant Molly - he's in real trouble. He and Amber mutually established that there's no chemistry between them after they initially coupled up. Having not made a move on any of the other girls, there's a chance none of them will save him from elimination.



Sherif is another one who risks being kicked out of the 'Love Island' villa. His heavy approach with Anna has proven to be off-putting for her. He's been pushing her away from him and towards Anton.



Unless Sherif steps up to the plate, Anton could be saved by Anna, who he's been making a pass at her of late. And let's be honest, given the way he's acted on the show so far (also having a go at Lucie at one point, in spite of initially being paired with Amy), he'll probably make a pass at newcomer Molly too. In any case, we reckon he'll be saved by one of the girls. He knows how to play the 'Love Isalnd' game.



Fans of the show have been unhappy with Joe's behaviour on the show. He's acting like a jealous boyfriend with Lucie being courted by him and Tommy at the same time. At the same time, Lucie keeps going back to him. In any case, if Amber - who clearly likes Joe - saves him after what he pulled flirting with her to make Lucie jealous, and him telling her as such, we'll lose all respect for her.



We reckon Tommy is pretty safe because if Lucie doesn't pick him over Joe (because he's being way more cool and sound right now), then there's a good chance he'll hit it off with Molly on their date tonight and couple up with her.


With all that in mind, which boy do you think will be leaving the 'Love Island' villa tonight?