The annual Friends Festival is taking place in London this week which this time around is extra special as it marks the 25th anniversary of the show. The iconic set has been recreated so you can hang out in Monica and Rachel's apartment or grab a coffee in Central Perk. Gunther may even be there to serve you but you may not even recognise him.

Actor James Michael Tyler is over in London for the festival without his trademark bleached hair and sporting a new beard. E! News had a chance to catch up with him to see how he was feeling about the 25th anniversary of 'Friends'.

"Gunther was not a role," he says. "I was just 'coffee guy' for a year and a half." As fans will know, Gunther went on to become the show’s most frequent guest star, showing up in 148 of its 236 episodes.

The bleached blonde hair was also never intentional. It was because a friend of his was practising to be a stylist and he let him bleach his hair the night before he went on set as an extra.

"It's probably the happiest mistake I ever made in my life," he says.

Gunther spin-off anyone?