In case you missed it, it's the 25th birthday of 'Friends' this week so unsurprisingly, there's be plenty of news regarding the series about.

Goggle has also decided to get in on the act and are celebrating the cultural phenomenon with seven 'Friends' Easter eggs.

And fans of the series will definitely appreciate them.

Make sure you keep the sound on for the full effect of these.

7. Search 'Chandler Bing'

When you search for Matthew Perry's iconic funnyman, look to the info panel (right side of the screen) and click on Chandler's recliner. The chick and duck that belonged to him and Joey will pop out of the couch and walk around the screen quacking and chirping until you click the icon again to send them away.


6. Search 'Phoebe Buffay'

When you enter 'Phoebe Buffay' into Google, click the guitar icon in the info panel. You'll get another visit from an animal here as a cat with stink lines walks across the screen to the sound of Phoebe singing that great anthem 'The Smelly Cat Song'.


5. Search 'Monica Gellar'

When you look for 'Monica Gellar', there's a soap bucket icon in the info panel which when you click it, a sponge appears and wipes the screen squeaky clean for you.


4. Search 'Joey Tribbiani'

This one is accompanied by Joey calling out that famous quote "Joey doesn't share food!" Click on the pizza icon in the info panel when you search for his name and a bunch of food appears on the screen until the 'Days of Our Lives' star snatches it all up in his arms.


3. Search 'Rachel Green'

One of our favourite Easter eggs can be found when you search 'Rachel Green'. When you click on the hair image that appears in the info panel, you're brought to images of that infamous 90s "The Rachel" haircut.


2. Search 'Ross Gellar'

Another favourite is the search for 'Ross Gellar' which includes a reference to, you've guessed it, the 'Pivot episode' (though the fake tan one would've also been good'). Click on the sofa in the info panel and the screen literally pivots; click it again and the screen pivots again. When you click it a couple more times, the couch breaks and Ross says regretfully "OK, I don't think it's going to pivot anymore."


1. Search 'Friends glossary'

Typing 'Friends glossary' into the Google search engine gives you all kinds of results. Keep clicking on 'Another word' and you get loads of different phrases coined by the show including 'lobster', 'frienaissance', 'woopah', 'phalange', 'meat sweats', 'hand twin' and 'on a break'.

Make sure you look around Google for more hidden treasures.

As for the 'Friends' cast themselves marking the occasion, all those on social media shared the following post on Instagram: