'Westworld' has, well, always been a strange show to try and make sense of.

Considering how it came with such expectations and didn't exactly live up to expectations, the third season of the series seems to be taking it in new directions. Gone are the Western visuals or even the Samurai World, instead bringing the world outside the parks to the screen.

Aaron Paul's character appears to be up to some kind of criminal shenanigans, all while he's caring for someone in hospital. All while we're seeing the world of the future, Pink Floyd's 'Brain Damage' plays away in the background.

So far, Aaron Paul and French actor Vincent Cassel are confirmed as newcomers to the cast, with Evan Rachel Wood returning as Dolores, who's now escaped the park and appears to be on the run from Delos.

'Westworld' Season 3 returns some time in 2020 on Sky Atlantic.