It's early days yet, but if you're looking for a new show to sink your teeth into during the winter months, 'Watchmen' could be the one for you if these early reviews are anything to go by.

A number of US outlets published their six-episode reviews of the new series based on Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' seminal graphic novel, set in an alternate world where superheroes are not only a part of every day life, but there's a lot more weirdness going on. The series is set primarily in Tulsa, Oklahoma and follows a police investigation into a racially-motivated killing that ties into a wider conspiracy.

It's revealed in the series that police in Tulsa now wear masks and detectives personalise their own outfits, not unlike superheroes. The reason for this stems from a killing spree carried out by a group of white supremacists called the Seventh Kavalry, who wear the inkblot mask of Rorschach, one of the main characters from the original comics. Without going further into it, other familiar faces from the original comics appear on screen.

EW's review was an A- rave, and called it "a sci-fi tale shrouded in theory-provoking mystery," and "an explosive saga of American racism, ripped from history and headlines." IndieWire, as well, gave it a positive review, calling it "rewarding" and cited "the series’ scope is astonishing given its subject matter, and even more so given its relentless entertainment value." Paste Magazine was equally praise-worthy. "Unlike some other prestige TV with muddled messaging, 'Watchmen'  doesn’t leave you feeling empty," the review reads, and cites Jeremy Irons and Jean Smart as standout performers alongside Regina King and Tim Blake Nelson.

'Watchmen' airs on Sky Atlantic this coming Monday, October 21st, at 9PM.