With 'Game of Thrones' off the air, HBO is clearly looking for something to fill the gap it's left behind - and 'Watchmen' might just be it.

While the original comic-book series was set firmly in the '80s, HBO's series picks up in modern times with the alternate world now coming to terms with its own past. If you watched 'The Leftovers', you've got some idea of what's in store and it's going to be... pretty weird, to say the least.

What you get from this series is that, for one, the alternate world they live in is so seamless that you almost don't notice. Other than that the 51-state flag, there's small little clues in the background. For example, Robert Redford was - in the show's world - President of the United States. There's a Ryan Murphy-esque TV show called 'American Hero Story'. Dr. Manhattan, meanwhile, is some kind of hero who lives on Mars (and appears to David Bowie's 'Life On Mars', no less) and the "alien squid attack" at the end of the comic-book appear to be still happening.

On top of that, the Rorschahs now appear to be some kind of terrorist organisation and you've even got Silk Spectre - played here by Jean Smart - now working as an FBI agent.

In short, it all looks very, very exciting and definitely a lot more going on than Zack Snyder's adaptation. 'Watchmen' arrives on HBO and presumably Sky Atlantic in October of this year.