While 'Game of Thrones' might be continuing on in the form of the prequel spin-off(s), don't be in the least bit surprised if 'Watchmen' takes the place in pop culture that it left behind.

So far, the trailers for 'Watchmen' have given small glimpses of what to expect, but this new trailer seems to broaden the scope of what the show's about, as well as a better of understanding of what the world is like in the show.

Regina King's character, Angela Abar, is a police officer in Tulsa, Oklahoma who is investigating a terrorist group inspired by Rorschach - a character from the comic series who died at the very end - that is somehow tied into a much larger problem in America, something that Louis Gosset Jr.'s character describes as "a vast and insidious conspiracy".

On top of that, that terrorist group - called the Seventh Cavalry - seem to intent on starting a war, not to mention Jeremy Irons' character, Adrian Veidt, has a much bigger role in all of it, which will no doubt reveal itself as the show goes on.

All in all, there looks to be a huge amount of things going on, and all of it looks pretty damn intriguing. The series kicks off on Sky Atlantic on October 20th.

Here's the new trailer.