There are many aspects of Irish culture, specifically Irish pop culture, that often defy explanation to outsiders.

It could be something like explaining Richie Kavanagh or The D'Unbelievables, it could be about how we sent a turkey to the Eurovision one year as our entry, it could be any number of things. Explaining the Late Late Show, however, doesn't really come under any of these headings and last night was another example of this.

As well as having Bear Grylls and Jane Seymour on the rich leather couch, the Late Late Show also had Ivan Scotts on the show - who is a World Record holder for sheep-shearing. Ivan holds the record for shearing 867 strong wool lambs in the space of nine hours, which is pretty damn impressive.

So, to explain how fast he did it and demonstrate his skills and prowess as a sheep-shearer, Ivan Scotts sheared a single lamb in 41 seconds to the sounds of light, wine bar jazz music.

We're not even kidding because we've got video evidence. Take a look.

Yup, that man shaved a sheep on national television whilst a jazz band played and one of the highest-paid broadcasters in the country looked on bemusedly. Obviously, Ivan Scott's skills are no longer in question, but come on. This is what we're watching a Friday night? 

Graham Norton can't start quick enough.


Via YouTube