The end is nigh in this current season of 'The Handmaid's Tale' and it still feels like it could go any way yet. This week marks the penultimate episode and the short teaser below reveals that unfortunately it wasn't Oprah in that car that pulled up but one of Gilead's not-so-finest.

This means June has somehow found herself back in the Waterfords, which Serena is not happy about it, although she does seem quite smitten with baby Holly. Back off, Serena!

The episode, entitled 'Postpartum', will also see Emily at her new posting where things look to be taking a very strange turn as she joins the household of Joseph Lawrence, played by 'The West Wing' and 'Get Out' actor Bradley Whitford.

The teaser also shows a pretty tense encounter between Fred and Nick while it also looks like Eden may have gone AWOL.

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