What is it with Graham Norton's studio and flies?

There was a major mess-up about five years ago when our own Chris O'Dowd accidentally ate a fly in the middle of a segment with Kirsten Wiig that, well, was kind of gross. This time? It's Stephen Merchant and Orlando Bloom attempting to save a fly from drowning in his beer.

You've got to imagine that this kind of thing is completely unscripted because, well, it's a fly and they're not exactly known for being dutiful and present actors in productions. At the same time, however, how exactly did they happen to have a camera zoomed in right on the chap just after Orlando Bloom?

Furthermore, how come nobody made a Lord of the Rings / "LEGOLAS, WHAT DO YOUR ELVEN EYES SEE?!" joke? Is it because they're not giant nerds like us? That's probably it.

Anyway, here's the bit in question. Wonder what Stephen Merchant had to say about Lord of the Rings in the end.