If you watched this year's Eurovision - or were forced to, like us - you'll recall there was one act from Montenegro that involved a man with an exceptionally long, singular braid that was used like a whip of some kind during the performance.

That was Eurovision, of course, where those kinds of things are not only expected, but ten a penny. So how would a Eurovision act work in somewhere like X Factor? That's pretty much what happened last night when Slavko Kalezic made his way in for an audition, and dropped the fact that our own Louis Walsh told him to audition.

Slavko didn't make it into the grand final and only scored 56 points during his run in the Eurovision, but he's expecting another chance this time around in X Factor.

So, can he sing? No. Can he dance? Doesn't look like it. So he's this year's novelty act ala Honey G, basically.

Take a look and see for yourself.