Sometimes we struggle to believe that we're actually living through this and it isn't all just some absolutely batshit cheese dream.

With the horrible events of the past weekend, there was no way Stephen Colbert was going to not mention Donald Trump's most recent actions when he sat down with former White House Communications Director for Trump (for all of ten days) Anthony Scaramucci and it kicked off probably one of the most fascinating and bizarre interviews of the year, perhaps of all time.

It started off with boos from the audience, boos which Colbert calmed and later transformed into chants of "MOOCH!" when they wanted him to give up information from his short time inside working inside the Trump White House, but watching Scaramucci dance and joke in front of a crowd that treats it like live theatre will probably be one of the most useful ways of describing what 2017 was actually like to future generations.

Balancing the serious questions with levity and jokes while also trying to get a straight answers out of what one would have assumed was a disgruntled former employee was no small feat.

Seriously, we don't know what we did to deserve Stephen Colbert but we're so glad we have him.