We're now less than a month away from Sherlock's fourth season and, it has to be said, this season is shaping up to be something special.

It's interesting to note that Moriarty - played by our own Andrew Scott - hasn't featured in any of the trailers or teasers we've seen so far, even though his was the last image we saw from the previous season. In any case, the big bad this season looks to be Toby Jones, who plays Culverton Smith and seems to have some kind of dirt on Holmes and Watson.

We also get a look at Mary Watson, played by Amanda Abbington, and we also see Cumberbatch with what appears to be some form of stubble going on. Hey, it can't be any worse that Watson's tache from last season, can it?

The first episode, The Six Thatchers, hits our screens on New Year's Day and it's been confirmed that the finale episode of this season - The Final Problem - will get a limited cinematic release in Ireland. We'll have more details on that and where it's being shown once we get them.

Right, that's enough filler. Here's the teaser.