Mike Myers has opened up about his co-star on Austin Powers, Verne Troyer, who sadly passed away last month.

Myers, who played Austin Powers and Dr. Evil in the comedy trilogy while Troyer played Mini-Me, said that Verne was “sweet”, “a fantastic human being” and “a great comedian.”

Speaking on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Myers said: “As written, Mini-Me is like almost a prop, but he brought it up off the page, made it better than written and we just ended up giving him more and more stuff to do. But a great physical comedian, a great dancer, just a fantastic guy.”

He also recalled when Barrack Obama asked him about ‘Mini-Me’, continuing: “Verne just brought so much love to people.

“Verne was very small, like very small. And every day you see him you go, ‘Wow, that is a small human.’ But by the end of the day you just saw Verne, it sort of just went away. He was just a sweet… he was just part of the cast and fantastic. I miss him.”

Watch the interview below: