In a world where there are now so many ways of watching TV from streaming, downloading to on demand, it has become almost impossible to define when it is considered 'alright' to mention a spoiler of a TV show on the internet. A day after the episode was aired? A month? A year?

Well Kevin Spacey has answered his feelings on the topic in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel last night. The answer? Never.

Why? "Because there are millions of people all over the world who could just be discovering season one."

He then added that he is constantly faced with this dilemma at the House of Cards press junkets when journalists want to chat about plot lines and things that happened, and he can't talk about any of it. Hmmm, this all rings quite the bell for us...

Watch below, and you can also see a later part of the interview here where Kimmel shows an old audition tape of 19-year-old Spacey.