It was an evening of some surprising and not-so-surprising wins at the Golden Globes in Los Angeles last night, and it's safe to say one win we were not altogether shocked by was Jon Hamm's award for Best Actor for his, at this stage iconic role, as Don Draper in Mad Men.

The show finished up in 2015 after seven seasons, with Hamm originally scooping an Golden Globe award for the series back in 2007 too. While he was nominated five more times, it took until now for the Hollywood Foreign Press to honour him once more.

The actor seemed genuinely humbled upon receiving the award last night, and thanked Matthew Weiner for writing "this horrible person all the way through to the end of the ride, and for picking me to play him."

While he also joked; "Thank you for not taking my suggestion and ending the entire series on Chumbawumba. You picked the right song."

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