Jimmy Fallon has hosted his 'Late Night' show on NBC for the last five years, after he took over from Conan O' Brien back in 2009. According to Conan, the 'Late Night' tradition has always been to hand over a gigantic pickle to the host who is coming in next. As you do. David Letterman gave one to Conan, Conan gave it to Jimmy, and last night Jimmy ceremoniously gave the pickle to the next in line to the 'Late Night' throne, Seth Meyers.

Seth joined Fallon on the show for a chat, ahead of his debut as host in February. He has big boots to fill, but he informed the audience that he has been practicing his interviewing skills on his teddy bears. Be grand so!

Jimmy Fallon will take the prestigious step of moving over to 'The Tonight Show' to take over from the legendary Jay Leno. With all this movement, we may even get one of these lads to come over to present 'The Late Late Show' here... no?

You can watch the clip below:

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