Unless you were an action movie aficionado of the eighties, you probably haven't missed Jean-Claude Van Damme and his roundhouse kicks all that much.

If you have however, you will be happy to know that besides starring in Coors Light ads, the actor now has a new TV series for Amazon Prime on the way.

It stars Jean-Claude Van Damme as eh, Jean-Claude Van Damme, a global martial arts and film sensation who is now operating under the simple alias of 'Johnson'.

A chance encounter with an ex soon lures him back into the game eventually forcing him to confront the greatest enemy he’s ever faced: a Bulgarian drug cartel.

Yeah, we know, but look, maybe it will be so bad it's good?

The show, entitled - you guessed it - Jean-Claude Van Johnson premieres December 15 on Amazon Prime Video.

Watch the trailer below: