What does 'The Queen's Justice' have in store for us? Lots of blood and trouble if the preview is anything to go by.

The taste of this week's episode is still fresh on our tongues but our minds are already moving ahead to next week's drama where it looks like things are finally kicking off.

This week's episode may have taken a while to get going but now that everyone's moving with purpose, there are battles to be fought and "gifts" to be delivered and seeing as the body count has been pretty low so far this season, we think it's safe to expect a full-on massacre next week as Daenerys' forces battle for Casterly Rock.

Meanwhile, Mad Bastard in Chief Euron Greyjoy returns to King's Landing with his gift for Cersei who will no doubt take a lot of pleasure in setting the Queen's Justice, the royal executioner (formerly Ser Ilyn Payne and as yet to be introduced to us), to work on her latest play things.

Expect things to get very grim.