We hope the nation is ready for Ryan to open the show in a giant orangutan costume belting out 'I Wanna Be Like You'. It's that or 'The Bear Necessities', and we think the former is much more Tubs' oeuvre.

Tonight is the night, the biggest night in Irish television (and social media), and this morning RTÉ unveiled the theme of this year's show as well as giving a behind-the-scenes look at what Ryan and his hoard of children (and whatever quasi-famous RTÉ staff are hanging around the canteen) have in store for us.

"I am tremendously excited that we are doing The Jungle Book this year," Tubridy said. "It’s a great classic, a real family favourite and something which I think everyone can enjoy whether they’re young or old, boy or girl. I may not be the king of the singers but I hope that for a couple of hours tonight people will get a chance to settle down with the family and forget all about their worries and their strife."

It's the largest 'Toy Show' ever this year and , between performers and toy demonstrators, more than 320 children from all over Ireland will participate in the show. The youngest is just four years old, and will (fingers crossed) 100% be driving some sort of JCB for children that manages to go the wrong way.

The opening performance will feature 72 performers - plus Ryan - and is so big that it will take The Late Late Toy Show outside the studio to include other parts of the RTÉ campus. Queue everyone crossing everything and whisper-chanting "jungle invasion of Carrigstown, jungle invasion of Carrigstown" at their TVs later.

If you can't wait until the show itself, Baz Ashmawy will be giving the world a behind the scenes look at the show with 'The Late Late Toy Show: The Final Countdown', which will start at 8pm sharp on RTÉ One’s Facebook page.

We, like the rest of the nation, will be tweeting along with the show. See you there.

'The Late Late Toy Show' kicks off at 9.35pm tonight on RTÉ One.