Last night saw the triumphant return of Graham Norton to our screens a long, long - too long, in fact - wait.

On the couch were Ben Affleck (hereafter knonw as Ben Sadfleck), Henry Cavill and Amy Adams, otherwise known as the topline cast of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. We're guessing this was filmed a few days ago, before all the reviews got out about the film.

For us, we thought it was just OK - three stars, at best - but that's beside the point now. So, what happened? Well, they all started messing with microphones and impersonating Batman...

Ben Affleck, however, told a disgustingly cute story about his 4-year old son actually believing he's Batman - and the lengths he went to keep up the mystery, including bribing delivery drivers and leaning on the studio to give him a costume...

Affleck, who really took the lead on the entire interview, also discussed winning his first Oscar at 24 with Matt Damon and winning another one for Argo a good few years later. For his part, Affleck seems like a good skin and, yes, while the film he's promoting might not be the best, at least he's doing his job without throwing a hissy-fit during public television interviews - looking at you, Meg Ryan and Proof Of Life.

So, how'd Twitter handle all of it? The big question was whether or not Ben Affleck had some work done, which to be honest, we didn't see at all.




Maybe he was preparing himself for the surprise of all the bad film reviews for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? Who knows.